About ProjectWeb


Ramboll ProjectWEB is a simple and effective project management tool that gives all participants in a project easy and quick access to all project documents. ProjectWEB can be used for all kinds of documents such as drawings, descriptions, photos, reports, letters, minutes of meetings, and emails.


Use of ProjectWEB in construction projects

Early stages

In the early stages of a construction project collaboration and rapid exchange of ideas, sketches, and documents are central, just like the involvement of future users are. The built-in viewer allows clients and future users to keep themselves updated about the construction without having to download the model or have special software.



ProjectWEB allows architects, consultants, contractors, and building product vendors to exchange documents and models. Everyone is informed about changes to a document on daily or weekly basis. The built-in email feature makes it possible to collect all project documentation during the design process in one place.


ProjectWEB can be used for digital tenders. Tenders that use ProjectWEB can be seen on ProjectWEB's Tender Portal, which shows a summary of publicly available tenders on ProjectWEB.
ProjectWEB's Tender Portal allows the bidders to download the necessary material and subsequently upload their offer.

ProjectWEB ensures that all bidders have access to the same information, including questions and answers during the tender phase, and ensures that all bidders submit the correct documents. When a tender phase ends, offers and submitted documents are automatically locked and the system summarizes the result.

A Tender in ProjectWEB can consist of any number of phases, but as a starting point the tender process contains three phases: prequalification, tender, and negotiation.



If ProjectWEB is used in the execution phase, all participants in the project will have access to updated project material, which is available on all platforms, and can be accessed on the construction site as well. The built-in viewer allows you to view models without having fast internet connection, download the model or install special software. Access control ensures that individual subcontractors only have access to material relevant for them.


Hand over

ProjectWEB makes it easy and manageable to collect operational data during the construction. At the end of the project, “as built information” can be transferred digitally to facility management systems. For the one and five years inspection in the construction project, ProjectWEB can extract the necessary documentation or transfer data to ProjectWEB Archive, thereby freezing the as-is documentation.


Facility management

Facility managers can use ProjectWEB as an electronic drawing archive. Both building owner, external craftsmen, and contractors can have direct access to the archive via the internet.