Processing of personal data

It is important to Rambøll that we protect personal and personal data of our customers and users and comply with the rules of the EU's Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on 25 May 2018. We have therefore prepared a description of how ProjectWEB collects, store and process your personal data, as well as how to find the information we have registered and contact us further to exercise your rights.


What personal data are stored and processed?

The system is processing: Name, Email Address, Phone, and Information about User Activities on ProjectWEB.

It is possible to enter sensitive information in free text fields, but there is no intention that the system should contain sensitive information.


How long are personal data processed and stored?

Processing and storage is not limited by time and runs until the Agreement is terminated by Ramboll or by the ProjectWEB.


Encryption and storage of data?

ProjectWEB is hosted by KMD, and therefore personal data that is in ProjectWEB is not processed outside Denmark. Data is encrypted between database, server and browser on the user's PC. KMD has prepared a disaster recovery plan for server recovery and data, these are tested annually. Backup is performed duplicated at two different locations in Denmark. Monitoring of servers has been established for downtime, access to data as well as log-on attempts.


Who has access to personal data in ProjectWEB?

All users have access to view the personal data stored in the ProjectWEBs they have access to, as these are included and are assumed for ProjectWEB to be used. In addition, the Team behind ProjectWEB (2-3 people) and KMD (always only 1-2 people for a limited period of time) have access to personal data as long as the ProjectWEB is open.


Can a user be deleted?

A user may be deleted or removed from a ProjectWEB, but the information associated with and the register of this user's activities on ProjectWEB is included under the agreement with the ProjectWEB Booker and will not be deleted until this Agreement is terminated.


How can a user view the information that is registered about that person?

All users can see the information that is registered about the individual on a particular ProjectWEB. Under the user's profile there is an icon that displays all information registered in a window. From there they can copied out.


Where to get more information?

You can always contact the Team at ProjectWEB or write to for more information on how Rambøll stores and processes your personal data in ProjectWEB.


What has been done in ProjectWEB to handle privacy?

The ProjectWEB team has worked on several fronts to meet the new Personal Data Regulation:

  • The application is customized so that all users can see what is registered about them
  • The application is customized so that the user receives mail when personal data is changed
  • The application is customized so that a user can remove himself from a ProjectWEB
  • The application is customized so that all emails contain disclamer and link describing how ProjectWEB processes personal data
  • Practice has been changed so that a project's data is deleted when the ProjectWEB agreement ends
  • A description has been prepared of how ProjectWEB processes personal data, and this is made available to all at
  • The standard contract has been expanded with a data processor attachment.
  • Data processing agreement has been concluded with KMD, which is sub data processor and performs system and data hosting. Administration of servers, databases and backup.