Welcome to ProjectWeb

The Ramboll ProjectWEB is a simple and effective project management tool, that gives all parties in the project easy and quick access to all project documents. ProjectWEB can be used for all kinds of documents such as drawings, descriptions, photos, reports, letters, minutes of meetings and emails.

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Integrated Viewer

ProjectWEB’s integrated viewer makes it possible to display the content of files on ProjectWEB. It provides the possibility to quickly determine whether the file contains the desired content or is the desired version of the file. The viewer displays all common file formats, e.g. video or 3D models, including metadata of elements and with the option of navigating in the model.

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Free Tender Portal

The ProjectWEB Tender Portal is free, if the project uses ProjectWEB in the design phase. The tender can be created as an open or closed tender, where the tender administrator invites the bidders. It is possible to divide the tender into different phases. Additionally, the bidders can ask questions about the tender material.

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Archive solution

ProjectWEB’s archive solution is a cheap online version of the projectweb, which is always available. No more project documents on external hard drives or USB to be stored locally. ProjectWEB’s archive solution makes it possible to access the content in a projectweb, even though the project has been finalised and the projectweb has be closed.


Contract-, conversion and other administrative issues
Sanne C. Hartvig
Email: sch@ramboll.dk
Telefon: +45 51 61 48 56

Technical questions
Morten Raasted
Email: mr@ramboll.dk
Telefon: +45 51 61 52 98